About Robbie Walls

Welcome to BOLD GIRL BIZ, I'm your host Robbie Walls... and like many entrepreneurs you have probably experience setbacks, losses and failures in your business. You want and need desperately a breakthrough…. You keep spinning your wheels but the car is still parked, And yet you stay committed to the result even when the odds are stacked against you.   How do you overcome those hurdles, who can you trust? 

On Bold Girl Biz we’re going to be talking with entrepreneurs who have made it to  6 figure and 7 figure incomes and find out how the lessons of their failures has taught them to stay committed, what they did to overcome, and who they partnered with on their journey. And what is that one experience that stands out to them and resonates with them that no One wants to acknowledge or talk about?

See I'm an author, a franchise owner, speaker and a mindset coach.  When I left my classroom back in 2008, I had no idea how to make money as an entrepreneur and  ALL the frustrations, disappointments, and money loss that comes with being a sole preneur!  I kept looking for a connection with anyone who was successful because I wanted to learn from them so that I would not make the same mistakes.  Yea, I started a couple of businesses, I wrote a book, but I never saw any big returns on my investment…. you know the ROI! 

So, if you’re an entrepreneur, coach, consultant and you want to take your business to the next level, I know that listening to 6 and 7 figure income entrepreneurs sharing their experiences will inspire you and help you grow your business! Hey, I wish someone would’ve told me these lessons when I was starting out, that a path leads to a path… trust the process.

Bold Girl Biz is where you are going to hear about those funny rookie mistakes in business, and the systems they put in place to make the business a success. 

We’ve got some great people to learn and grow from, I’m so excited to share with you their lessons learned, tips and strategies that can help you along the way. 


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